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How to Make Your Product Stand Out in a Retail Environment

There are a myriad of tactical tools brands use to create awareness and encourage sales in the retail environment. Your product, in conjunction with the right display used appropriately, can accelerate sales efficiently and be one of the most effective marketing tools a brand can use. Other sales materials, like static clings, shelf strips and floor graphics are also often


What type of display should you choose?

We are often asked this question from companies just starting out or even from established companies that are looking for a different way to get their product in front of the customer. Products in a display are more likely to be purchased than products that are not! How many times have you walked down an aisle and almost tripped over the


Case Studies

Yikes Countertop Display

The Objective: The client developed a new product and enlisted Diamond’s expertise.  We assisted with printing the primary packaging labels, designing and producing a folding carton display/box to hold the product, fulfillment of product into primary and secondary packaging, and provided master cartons for shipment to various distribution centers. The Target: The target audience was distribution into physical stores that


Frito-Lay Transformer

The Objective:  The client was looking for a way to create a more efficient method to distribute single serve products in convenience stores. The objective was to find a solution that would allow the salesperson to assemble a pre-packed display in as little time as possible. A freestanding display would allow greater distribution of products traditionally found on the front


Frito-Lay Seed Bucket Shipper

The Objective: The client wanted to give the consumer a unique way to display their seed product during the hunting season They wanted to increase sales, placement location, and give an incentive to the retailer for allowing the display to be placed in their store. The Assignment: The customer wanted to use a dump bin style display to hold their


Dr. Dan’s Countertop Display

The Objective: The objective was to provide a counter top display that could hold a variety of products that would appeal to different customers needs. The display also needed to be shipped with the product in place so that the store did not have to marry the product up to the display.   The Final Product: We designed a display


Aromaearth Novelty Scents Countertop Display

The Objective: The client created a new unique set of spray scents for cars, home, office, etc. They created scents such as bubble gum, and cherry cola.   The client hired Diamond Display Group to graphically design a logo lock up for their new line of “Novelty Scents” and to graphically and structurally design a display to merchandise the new product


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