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What type of display should you choose?

We are often asked this question from companies just starting out or even from established companies that are looking for a different way to get their product in front of the customer. Products in a display are more likely to be purchased than products that are not!

How many times have you walked down an aisle and almost tripped over the floor displays in the aisle?  If you are like me, a lot! Sometimes you might even think to yourself, “Why do they put all of these displays in the aisle so that I have to navigate around them?”.  Exactly!  That is the reason they do that.  They want that product to get noticed!  You do stop for a moment to see what the display has on it, don’t you???  That gives the product a better chance of being bought than sitting on a shelf somewhere between dozens of products that are alike.

The same goes for a counter display.  The checkout areas are covered with displays full of all sorts of products for you to buy on an impulse or to remind you of something that you forgot.

For a product to be successful it must have enough sell through to turn a profit consistently.   Different things can affect the sell through; cost of the product, quality of the product, seasonality, store environment, etc… There has been tons of marketing research done to study the buying habits of consumers.  As a consumer, when we enter a store, we immediately start to absorb what is around us. Often times, what is around us can alter our spending habits while we are in that environment.

So, with all that said,  lets ask the question again, “What type of display should I choose?”  The location and the number of weeks that the retailer has allowed for you to occupy is a big determining factor for what type of display vehicle you should use.  Many retailers have very specific parameters to follow in order for a vendor to place product in their store.  It is important to ensure that you are aware of those parameters so that your display gets executed.  Often times we see displays sitting in the stock room not set up because they are too wide, too tall, too heavy, etc….

Being aware of the retailers requirements before you work with a display structural designer, like the ones that are at Diamond Display Group, will save you and the designer time and money.  Normally, once the product is “sold in” to the retailer, the retailer only gives the vendor a certain amount of time to have the product in their store. If you miss that “window of opportunity” you may not get the opportunity to have your product placed in that store again.

Fortunately, we have worked customers who have experienced these types of constraints and we have successfully provided a display solution to fit each need.  We have also made ourselves available to help our customers ask the right questions to ensure that they provide the approved display for each specific store and location.

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