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Aromaearth Novelty Scents Countertop Display

The Objective:

The client created a new unique set of spray scents for cars, home, office, etc. They created scents such as bubble gum, and cherry cola.   The client hired Diamond Display Group to graphically design a logo lock up for their new line of “Novelty Scents” and to graphically and structurally design a display to merchandise the new product line.

The Assignment:

The client wanted to use a countertop style display to hold their product. They preferred a small design that could be placed in numerous locations throughout the retail space to give optimal viewing opportunity to the retail customers.

The Target:

The target market was consumers that buy scented products for their home, office and car.

The Final Product:

We graphically developed a logo lock up that supported the client’s views of this line of “Novelty Scents” being nostalgic and taking the customer back in time. We also structurally and graphically designed a temporary countertop display solution using a tray, product dividers and header. We used the newly developed logo branding and integrated it into the display graphics to create an eye-catching display for the retail customer.

Overall Success:

The logo branding and development of the countertop display provided a positive impact for the client by giving the client a logo that consumers relate to and the ability to have a variety of display location opportunities within the retail environment.




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