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Frito-Lay Seed Bucket Shipper

The Objective:

The client wanted to give the consumer a unique way to display their seed product during the hunting season They wanted to increase sales, placement location, and give an incentive to the retailer for allowing the display to be placed in their store.

The Assignment:

The customer wanted to use a dump bin style display to hold their product. They preferred a permanent “bucket” or dump bin that could be given to the store owner/manager upon completion of the promotion.

The Target:

The target market was convenience food shoppers, young to middle age males of median income.

The Final Product:

We developed a semi- permanent display solution using a temporary corrugated base and header, with two permanent plastic buckets. The buckets were custom manufactured with an event specific color and graphics. The intent was for the buckets to hold the product while the corrugated stand held the buckets off the floor and at an angle that was easily accessible to the consumer. There were optional ways to display the buckets as well. We provided wire plastic clips that could be hung on the lip of the bucket to give the store the opportunity to hang the buckets on wire racks. Additional store placement options were to place the bucket sitting on the counter at the register or on the counter near the beverage center.

Overall Success:

This event specific display provided a positive impact for the sales force:

  • Improved distribution opportunities – on counters, as a floor stand, on FEM’s and in gondola.
  • Easy assembly
  • Incentive for store managers.


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