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Yikes Countertop Display

The Objective:

The client developed a new product and enlisted Diamond’s expertise.  We assisted with printing the primary packaging labels, designing and producing a folding carton display/box to hold the product, fulfillment of product into primary and secondary packaging, and provided master cartons for shipment to various distribution centers.

The Target:

The target audience was distribution into physical stores that sell or repair phones or any other electronic device that would be in need of this product.

The Final Product:

We successfully designed and printed each component and provided fulfillment of the product into the primary packaging and the folding carton.  Distribution was managed and the product was delivered as required.

Overall Success:

This product needed packaging that would tell the consumer what the product could be used for and how it could help the consumer.  The message delivered on the primary packaging and the secondary packaging allowed for the product to be placed on register counters and other areas of impulse buying as well as specific departments catering to electronics.


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